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Child Labour

Protection from exploitation

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126 million children and young people aged between five and seventeen work under unacceptable conditions throughout the world. Poverty forces many families to send their children out to work. Many children become the victims of slavery, child trafficking or prostitution. Kindernothilfe supports projects in which girls and boys can find protection from exploitation and abuse. In the German Forum on Child Labour, Kindernothilfe works together with other organisations to create awareness of the different aspects of this issue and campaigns for the implementation of children's rights.

According to estimates by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in their report of June 2006, the numbers of children working aged 5 to 14 is:

Hazardous child labour
Approximately 126 million children work in jobs which are considered hazardous forms of child labour. These include:

A survey carried out by the ILO showed that 70% of working children are involved in agriculture, forestry and hunting. There is a close interweavement here with the informal economy in which by far most working children are involved. Hence it can occur that commercial plantations contract work out to small family farms - or families manufacture goods in their homes which are then sold by a company on the domestic market or abroad.

Injuries caused by unacceptable working conditions
Very few children are left unaffected by the frequent hard physical and hazardous work they carry out.

Children suffer from:

The causes
Child labour is closely related to poverty in families. Unemployment, unfair distribution of land, indebtedness and price drops for raw material lead to the situation where families become dependent on the work of their children. Lack of social security and reductions in social expenditure by many governments show that there is a direct link between the exploitation of children as a source of labour and the development of the world economy.

On 17th June 1999 in Geneva, 174 states of the International Labour Organisation adopted the Convention Concerning the Prohibition and Immediate Action for the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour. Kindernothilfe was involved in the advisory and decision-making process of the new convention (more details)
The new convention (ILO No. 182) commits countries that ratify it to take active steps:

What action is Kindernothilfe taking?
Kindernothilfe supports projects which protect girls and boys from exploitation and abuse. It ensures that children receive good school education and vocational training. It creates alternative income opportunities for families and draws attention to the dangers of child labour. As a member of the German Forum against Child Labour, Kindernothilfe campaigns together with other organisations to create awareness on the different aspects of this issue and campaigns for the implementation of children's rights.

Kindernothilfe‘s Position on the Topic of Child Labor

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